Strategic Advice for a Competitive Advantage


Avocette Technologies is distinguished by our position as a full-service IT company with an excellent reputation established over 40 years as an IT provider in British Columbia. Our clients benefit from our extensive consultant network, our internal, fully-certified and highly-qualified IT leaders, and our ability to transition consultants and employees between clients and projects in order to maximize our pool of talented professionals and provide continuity to our clients.

From our inception, Avocette has operated with a core of employees and a multitude of sub-contractors. In 2004, Avocette made a strategic move to a blended staffing model focused primarily on employees and augmented with sub-contractors. Currently our mix is 65% employee and 35% contract resources. This move has enabled Avocette to expand our client base, deliver on larger and more complex service offerings and grow to our current size of over 150 staff, primarily located in British Columbia.

Avocette has invested in its Professional Services Division in order to improve services to existing clients, expand our recruitment reach and increase our client base.

As a qualified vendor for many organizations in the Greater Victoria and Greater Vancouver areas, Avocette provides long term, flexible work opportunities for our pool of valued IT professionals and consultants and access to medium to large scale organizations across BC. This allows them to trade and share ideas and best practices across the many organizations they are exposed to. Avocette works in partnership with our clients, tailoring our services to meet your needs.

At Avocette, we recognize that technology is implemented by people. Our IT Staffing experts work to provide the right people to our clients at the right time. This includes all levels of experience from providing strategic advice to supporting day to day delivery and operations:

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