Data Services

Implementing the Best Data Strategies for your Organization


Whether its database support and development, or a comprehensive data storage strategy, or a data warehouse implementation, Avocette can help you get your data working for you.

Our Database Support Services are a secure and cost-effective way of  managing your database systems. Avocette will safeguard your infrastructure against costly database outages. Our skilled analysts build data architecture blueprints needed to guide integration, quality, and successful data delivery.

We employ data modeling best practices and techniques to help integrate complex business data requirements into a data model. Our team of analysts, supported by experienced DBAs, will conduct data mapping exercises as required when migrating from a legacy database to a new version, in order to ensure a successful database deployment.

We provide proactive monitoring, continuous database performance analysis and assessments through the entire process, ensuring that data integrity, optimization, and performance expectations are met.

Database Support

Database Support Services is an easy, secure and cost-effective solution to manage your database systems. Avocette will safeguard your infrastructure against costly database outages.Our analysts build data architecture blueprints to guide integration, quality and successful data delivery. Data integrity, optimization and performance expectations will be met whilst providing proactive monitoring and continuous database performance analysis.

Data Warehouse

Avocette’s Data Warehouse experience includes designing, building and supporting o data warehouse ETL processes. We understand the critical nature of the data warehouse, and how crucial it is to get the right data at the right time to the program areas and executives for strategic decisions. We have experienced resources in business analysis, warehouse technical architecture, data mart design and Oracle development. We have provided data warehousing services for many clients, including the Ministry of Children and Family Development and BCFPI, Inc.

Database Development

Avocette has developed over 50 applications for our clients in recent years, and brings expertise in a wide range of database technologies, including Oracle, SQL Server, NoSQL and MySQL. We currently provide database support and development for the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Support, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, WorkSafeBC, and more.

Data Storage and Archiving

Ensuring the integrity and availability of data is critical for most organizations and a comprehensive storage and archiving policy is essential to this. Avocette makes this happen. We provide enterprise-level data protection. We back up your data, either continuously throughout the day or at pre-set intervals, and provide best-in-class offsite storage solutions.

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