Avocette receives ISO 20000-1 Certification

Avocette is proud to announce that our Application Managed Services have been fully certified as ISO 20000-1 compliant.

Two years ago, Avocette started the journey of ISO certification for its Application Managed Services.  This was undertaken with the goal of ensuring that the formal service delivery processes and procedures were certified by a 3rd party. The certification journey started by engaging a Registered Certifying Body and then proceeding to adhere to the rigorous ISO guidelines that would result in certification.

The scope of the certification included:

  • creating and baselining all documentation
  • creating training videos & quizzes to support staff development
  • an internal audit to assess readiness
  • an external audit by the Registered Certifying Body

All of these activities were done to ensure that Avocette operates to the highest standards of service provision and our clients can be confident that the services they receive from Avocette have been carefully designed and developed to ensure that each and every part of our service is transparent, consistent, and efficient.

The ISO 20000-1 certification requires an annual re-certification. Combined with the continuous improvement that ISO 20000-1 mandates, this means that our services are continually evolving and remaining current.  

In turn, this means that all clients can be confident that the services they are selecting from Avocette have been carefully designed and developed to ensure the most optimal performance.

Avocette also achieved ISO 9001 certification which is focused on Quality Management Systems (QMS). The aim of ISO 9001 is to help a company satisfy its customers, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve continual improvement. It should be considered to be a first step or the base level of a quality system. In simple terms, ISO 9001 certification provides the basis for effective processes and effective people to deliver an effective product or service time after time. This is the key to any successful business is strong quality control.

The benefits of ISO 9001:

For details about the International Organization for Standards (ISO) Certification, visit https://www.iso.org/home.html.

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