Case Management

Case Management

Sohema - AdoptionLynx - Pathways

Our Case Management Software Solutions allow our clients to centrally manage and track your service delivery activities and the outcomes and outputs you need to track for reporting to your funders. Our solutions can be used to support a broad range of health and human services and social services programs. We combine a set of pre-built modules and unique functionality with powerful configuration tools to provide an extensible solution for any service delivery program.

Explore our award winning products Sohema, AdoptionLynx and Pathways.

Sohema Case Management Software

Sohema is our configurable integrated case management software platform that provides the ability to manage your clients and services in one integrated environment.

We worked closely with social workers and program managers, so that Sohema was designed to address the various delivery and reporting needs of government health and human services. It offers a best-of-both-worlds approach: combining pre-built, out-of-the-box functionality common to multi-program enterprises with powerful configuration tools to make the solution extensible to any environment.

Sohema provides program modules for:

  • Child protection
  • child/family counselling and services
  • adoptions management
  • counseling and mental health

Advantages Sohema offers:

  • Placing the client at the centre of the delivery and tracking
  • Case management modeled on best practices for service delivery
  • Integration across programs
  • Flexible security to control how information is shared within or across programs
  • Full audit of all user activities

Sohema for Medicaid/Medicare Recovery

Sohema has helped to revolutionize Medicaid/Medicare recovery and its processes for case management delivery and data management.

Since 2010, one of Avocette’s customers - a US State - has used Sohema to improve the recovery and cost avoidance for their government Medicaid claims. Sohema is now implemented in the following programs for this state.

  • Estate Recovery
  • Casualty Recovery
  • Enhanced Coordination of Benefits
  • Premium Assistance
  • Student Health Insurance Program
  • Retroactive Medicaid Recovery Program

To date Sohema has managed more than 1 million cases for and recovered or cost-avoided $140+ million per year. The comprehensive case management tools, with the seamless integration to MMIS and other external systems, allows workers to effectively and quickly meet service levels.

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Sohema for Disability Evaluation

Sohema has a powerful configuration to manage Disability Evaluation Services (DES) Programs and provides the business tools needed to support and streamline the flow of disability determinations. All steps in the lifecycle of a DES case are managed through a set of queues that identify case progression and what actions workers need to complete to keep the case moving. One of our larger clients uses this configuration to process over 2300 cases per month. Our modules support worker processes and activities:

  • Intake or case preparation
  • Episode management steps
  • Scheduling of doctor’s appointments
  • Transportation
  • Interpreters
  • Printing of all letters documentation to support the decision process.

The system integrates  with financial systems to manage purchase orders and invoicing, providing all reports necessary to manage the processes and provide updates to the stakeholders.

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Adoption Lynx

As the number of children waiting to be adopted steadily increases each year, so does the challenge of matching children to loving, permanent families. Avocette developed AdoptionLynx, an award-winning adoption case management system for  Adopt Ontario. We also built a modified version, the Adoption Management System (AMS), to support the needs of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

AdoptionLynx is a cost-effective, web-based software application designed specifically for adoption agencies to aid in the process of matching children with families. AdoptionLynx provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage and track a wide range of adoption agency activities, including registration, matching, and placement. Developed in collaboration with a leading adoption service provider, AdoptionLynx supports the entire adoption process from child and family registration to the potential reunion of adopted children and their birth families.

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Pathways is our solution for First Nations community agencies to centrally collect, access, and manage information across a broad range of their social services programs. Tribal Councils, Chief and Council, agency managers and staff can easily monitor the effectiveness of services.

Pathways is provided through a hosted model. This option provides  a lower total cost of ownership than a capital project because no IT infrastructure needs to be allocated and managed by your IT staff. It’s also implemented faster. There is no software to install and manage, and end-users only require internet access through a web-browser to access the application.

Sohema’s Pathways for First Nations provides modules for:

  • Child Protection
  • Child and Family services
  • Wellness and mental health
  • Community health

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