Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Why The Cloud?

Citizens and organizations are increasingly demanding online services and timely access to information. The cloud can provide this; Avocette partners with leading cloud providers and helps clients implement the best cloud solution for their organization.  We know that clients need support in successfully transitioning to the cloud, whether its Internet As A Service ('IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The Cloud Provides:

  • Agility – The cloud provides rapid access to full-featured computing resources
  • Service Performance – Self-service provisioning of computing resources can dramatically reduce the time to meet requirements Metrics-based service level agreements ensure consistent performance levels.
  • Security – Reputable cloud-service providers hold internationally recognized security  certifications determined by third-party security professionals.
  • Innovation – New features are continuously deployed, and the costs are amortized across a global service customer base. Newer technologies like social media, mobile platforms, and analytic tools are all available through subscription models  instead of large capital investments.
  • Elasticity – Services  can grow and shrink with the level of demand, and end users - businesses or consumers only pay for the time and service needed

Cloud Transition Services

Avocette helps organizations migrate  their existing applications and services from an on-premise model to a cloud model using this approach:

  •       Cloud Assessment Phase
  •       Proof of Concept Phase
  •       Data Migration Phase
  •       Application Migration Phase
  •       Leverage the Cloud Phase
  •       Optimization Phase

We have also supported clients who wish to move their services from a cloud model to an on-premise model.

Let's work together to find the right cloud solution.