Avocette's Change Management

Avocette understands that to deliver successful consulting, application development and maintenance, it requires more than just technical expertise. Every IT project or change to existing applications brings fundamental changes to an organization that may or may not be ready for it.

Avocette follows the PROSCI® Change Management Methodology on all our IT projects to ensure our clients successfully transition to new technologies. The PROSCI® model has been proven in managing change in 66% of the Fortune 500 companies. Fourteen (14) years of research over seven (7) longitudinal studies show that organizations that utilize the PROSCI® model realize 95% effectiveness in meeting project objectives and an 82% success rate for staying on budget.  The proven track record of PROSCI® is why Avocette has elected to adopt this change management methodology in all of our IT Projects.

We will work with clients to develop an overall change management strategy that is appropriate for the size and scope of your IT projects.

Change Management services include:

  • PROSCI® Organizational and Employee Readiness Assessments
  • PROSCI® Sponsorship Consulting (developing sponsor model and preparing sponsors to effectively engage and manage the change throughout the transition)
  • Design and implementation of the full suite of change management plans including: communication, coaching, training, and resistance management (all using the PROSCI® methodology).

We are also available to coach and train key stakeholders throughout your organization to lead and manage the change using the PROSCI® methodology; thereby building the organization’s competency in managing change internally and when new technologies are ready to be launched, we will be there to guide through the transition.