IT Staffing

IT Staffing

Our Philosophy

Technology is implemented by people.  Our IT Staffing experts work to provide the right people to our clients at the right time. This includes all levels of experience from providing strategic advice to supporting day to day delivery and operations.

Avocette Assist

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This methodology has been developed to improve the quality of the recruitment experience and is designed around a principle of continuous improvement.  It begins with an assessment of any new requirement to ensure we understand your need allowing us to better source, screen, interview and submit the right candidate.  The process culminates in ongoing performance tracking throughout the mandate which in turn, allows us to improve our future assessment.  And on it goes.

Avocette Align

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With Avocette Align, our clients have the option to use our Cherwell System to manage time and contract terms (end dates and other constraints) to ensure activities are recorded consistently and in full compliance.  One simple time sheet approval process and stream lined invoicing.

Avocette Advise

This is our strategic consulting practice that allows our clients to engage with subject matter experts to tackle more strategic initiatives:

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Whether Transition to the Cloud, Adopting new delivery methodologies, performing an enterprise architecture review, etc., we have experts who can help in a full time, part time or ad-hoc advisory capacity. Engagement is similar to our Assist staffing model with the exception that more Intellectual property rights are retained by Avocette and/or our experts.

Let's work together to find the right solutions.