Pathways enables First Nations community agencies to centrally collect, access and manage information across a broad range of social services programs. Tribal Councils, Chief and Council, agency managers and staff can easily monitor the effectiveness of services.

Pathways is provided through a hosted model. This option offers a low total cost of ownership because no IT infrastructure needs to be allocated and managed by your IT staff. It’s also a quick and easy way to be up and running quickly. There is no software to install and manage, and end-users only require internet access through a web-browser to access the application.

ISD In Practice

Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) is an approach that enables a band to coordinate client services across several stand-alone agencies from one central point. Avocette began helping First Nations communities implement ISD in 2009, and our history of supporting integrated case management and ISD outside of First Nations goes back to 2003, including:

Paul Band

Chief Dan Paul of the Paul Band saw Integrated Services Delivery as the best way to help deliver a wide range of services from one point of contact, improve the cooperation and relations between the different organizations on the reserve and satisfy funders.

Onion Lake

For Onion Lake Cree Nation, self-governance and comprehensive community service coverage are always amongst the top priorities. When Avocette began working with Onion Lake Family Services, we used a consultative partnership approach and successfully provided a system to deliver critical social services, on-time and on-budget.

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