Sohema Case Management Software

Sohema is a client and case management system designed specifically for government health and human services. It offers a best-of-both-worlds approach: combining pre-built, out-of-the-box functionality common to multi-program enterprises with powerful configuration tools to make the solution extensible to any environment.

The software enables organizations to implement and adapt Sohema to their unique requirements quickly and easily. Its advanced design and innovative services delivery model ensure an agile, scalable and affordable solution, ideally suited to address the priorities of today’s social enterprises seeking a cost-effective approach to information systems modernization.

Sohema is a powerful, flexible tool that is highly configurable to the unique processes and outcome reporting needs of any organization or program need. Being easy to configure and use greatly enhances the results you can expect to see.

Sohema revolutionized The University of Massachusetts Medical School’s approach to case management delivery and data management . The school has been using Sohema to improve the recovery of local government Medicare claims for the State of Massachusetts.

The software design provides a number of distinct advantages, including:

  • The client is placed at the centre of the case management system model
  • The case management system is modeled on best practices for service delivery which focuses on the services that would best benefit the client and their situation.

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