Top 3 Takeaways from Accelarate 2018


From October 10-13th 2018, our Avocette team attended the Accelarate 2018 conference,

the premiere event connecting Accela customers, partners and govtech thought leaders from around the world. We arrived in Atlanta in the midst of Hurricane Michael warnings, but other than warning texts, our display setup featuring ServicePlus and conference attendee enthusiasm was undiminished.

I’d like to share the best 3 “things” I took away from the conference. 


Content is King (and Queen!)

The agenda was jam-packed with great sessions— everything ranging from cannabis licensing (particularly timely considering Canada’s legalization of cannabis on October 17th) to the regulation of the “shared economy” (think AirBnB and Uber) to Accela cloud migration strategies.  

Because I work so extensively with clients who are preparing to move to a cloud model, I particularly enjoyed the Microsoft presentation about the benefits of deploying Accela via the Azure cloud environment. The speaker — Murray Gordon — was a graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point, a military veteran with vast experience in cyber-security. He advised, rather alarmingly, that 67% of all cyber-attacks target public sector government organizations, and then shared strategies that Microsoft is implementing to mitigate this enormous risk.

Lastly, he shared the techno-sociological shifts society is undergoing that will have irreversible impacts on the way governments conducts business. Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Mechanical Learning and Business Process Automation are all here to stay. It’s no longer a question of if, but rather when, public sector organizations will adopt these technologies to their full advantage.


Client Engagement

For me, reconnecting with existing clients and meeting new ones face-to-face is always the best thing about events like Accelarate. We all know that Accela is an incredibly powerful platform and collectively we’re working together to harness that power. We had hundreds of discussions about the opportunities and challenges with Accela and how Avocette’s managed service offering ServicePlus could really benefit these government agencies.

Plus, on our last night, we feasted — with friends from near and far on southern dining comforts like fried chicken and slow-cooked ribs at the awesome  PittyPats Restaurant.



Accela Vision for the Future

Virtually all of the people we met with, ranging from IT program managers to Accela DB admins to C-suite folks, all commented on the renewed enthusiasm for the new leadership and direction Accela plans for the future. The roadmap seems promising, and Avocette, as an Accela certified business partner, is excited to help customers drive government efficiency and grow communities.

We’re looking forward to Accelarate 2019 in Denver.


Gerard McMahon
Public Sector
Business Development Lead

Gerard believes in bringing people and technology together and forging meaningful partnerships with the clients he serves. He is an experienced business development professional with a broad range of expertise ranging from media production to event management, SaaS, and outsourced technology services.