Corporate Overview

Scott Ross

In 2001, when founder, John Thompson was looking for a partner to help manage Avocette, he approached Scott​ Ross. At the time, Scott was leading Grasswell Consulting Ltd., a very successful IT consulting firm he had started years earlier. Like any true entrepreneur, Scott had no reservations about joining Avocette as a partner. John and Scott already had collaborated on a number of successful projects and knew that they both shared the same earnest work ethic and belief that technology could positively impact organizations and society.

Mitchell Ngai

Naturally talented, Mitch was encouraged early on by his teachers to explore computer technology. At a time when many other schools had not even considered welcoming computer technology into the classroom, Mitch was well on his way to welcoming it into his life.

His fascination for computer technology led him to UBC — where he majored in computer science and minored in business administration — and to work with high profile organizations such as Systemhouse, IBM, MacMillan Bloedel and BC Tel. While at IBM working on a project in the Caribbean, he became the first Microsoft Certified Professional in that entire region.

Avocette's Vision

“Supporting clients across the globe with technology solutions that create a foundation for business success.”

Avocette's Mission Statement

Avocette works collaboratively with our clients in long term partnerships, by providing tailored solutions, best-of-breed software and responsive services. We deliver reliable on-going support and expertise, creating opportunity, stability and mutual success.

Avocette's Corporate Values

+ Invest in client’s success

+ Raise the bar

+ Agility

+ Promote Teamwork

+ Take Initiative