Maximize the Return on your Accela Civic Platform


Avocette’s ServicePlus for Accela is a comprehensive managed service designed to provide clients the best possible Accela experience—from implementation to training, long term support, and enhancements.

ServicePlus for Accela maximizes the return on your Accela Civic Platform investment with a suite of services to ensure continuous solution improvement and the ability to schedule and manage maintenance cycles. ServicePlus is a customized approach to ongoing Accela support and enhancements.

We help you get the most out of your Accela Civic Platform by:

  • Handling implementation issues
  • Getting the latest version of Accela deployed
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Enhancing mobile access
  • Getting useful information from your reports
  • Designing efficient workflows

Unparalleled Service Levels

Avocette ServicePlus for Accela delivers seamless enhancements and upgrades to your Accela Civic Platform, vastly improving system stability.


Our large team of Bronze Certified Accela Consultants can complement your internal IT resources to deliver planned projects, maintenance, and enhancements. You will also be assigned a single point of contact for incident escalation, as well as regular status reports, providing you clear visibility into the professional service work performed and successful issue resolution.

Complete Flexibility

As part of ServicePlus for Accela, we work with you to design a comprehensive technology solutions strategy to meet your business objectives. We can tailor a subscription program to meet your unique needs, ensuring you benefit from our full complement of IT professional services.


With a ServicePlus subscription, you have access to our suite of services, including a preferred rate for any delivery services that you may require.

Expert Training

Accela is a highly configurable software solution that requires users to achieve a high level of expertise. Avocette’s ServicePlus for Accela includes in-depth training and knowledge transfer to ensure our clients are fully empowered in using the software. We provide workshops, one-on-one training, and ongoing education so our clients get the most out of their Accela platform.


Why ServicePlus for Accela


Accela Civic Platform is a powerful software solution intended to connect citizens with government.

Yet, with that power comes complexity and common customer concerns:

Avocette ServicePlus was designed to meet those concerns. We recognized the need for extended support, configuration, and training beyond the support that has been traditionally offered. Avocette ServicePlus brings peace of mind to your Accela administrators, staff, and citizen users.

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