Complete Control of Your Content and Records


A comprehensive content management system lets you successfully manage the creation, modification and life-cycle of your digital content. We partner with the industry-leading Collabware to offer our clients full control of the content lifecycle and increased user productivity.  We provide unparalleled levels of implementation, customization, deployment, and Collabware is one of the only full-featured, configurable records management products available for SharePoint.

  • Protect and retain all records
  • Automate and ensure compliance
  • Accelerate content discovery
  • Truly secure your data


Collabspace archives and protects client data, and provides the tools needed for business transformation including powerful Discovery, Recovery and Records Management features to meet legislative or regulatory compliance requirements.

Avocette Implementation Services

Avocette is a certified partner with Collabware for implementation of their Collabware CLM, Collabspace and Collabmail products.

  • Setup and configuration of SharePoint departments including a departmental site and underlying document libraries to store documents/content and their meta data
  • Setup and configuration of Collabspace including implementation of the TOMRMS file plans for document categorization along with the required content rules and retention policies
  • Migration of Legacy Content Sources documents/content and meta data

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