DataWalk provides a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) analytical platform to create a unified view for a large number of disparate data sources providing reusable workflows to identify patterns and relationships for criminal behavior, public safety, intelligence gathering, and investigative purposes.

The DataWalk system is easy to operate and maximizes user productivity, efficiency, and accuracy for analyzing the massive amount of unrelated data sources available to identify questionable transactions and behaviors and derive actionable intelligence.



Data Analytics

Access data for indicators and analysis of the factors for inconsistencies.

Public Sector Fraud Framework

Provide a structure to detect fraud using statistics, machine learning and entity analytics.

AML framework for Public Sector

AML framework for Public Sector customers, including Canadian Healthcare and US Medicare and Medicaid recovery

Fully integrated into a case management

Fully integrated into a case management system with
link analysis and
machine learning solutions that are that supports their investigation and recovery processes.

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